Building a snow fox in Switzerland

The Great Snow Fox

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A couple of days after Christmas, we woke up to a true winter wonderland with snow blanketing everything outside and still softly falling. We spent the day snuggly warm in front of the fireplace, sipping coffee and enjoying a quiet Sunday at home together. Snow fell all day, at times blowing sideways and creating mini tornadoes from blizzard force winds that whipped it back into the air as soon as it found a resting place on a tree limb or rooftop.

First blizzard in Switzerland leads to the construction of a snow fox
From our back deck, the grape trellis is white with snow and our village church steeple is just visible across town.

By the time it got dark, it had stopped snowing. With fresh powder and an exhilarating chill in the air, the woods beckoned us.

Trav and I clumped downstairs in our toasty REI snow boots and rounded up Carlos, Nicole, her brother and his girlfriend. We traipsed into the woods near our house with the dogs happily snuffling ahead of us.

Within moments, the group at large unleashed a maelstrom of snowballs. The hardcore pelting continued until we reached the first large open intersection on the trail.

We took a break from trying to annihilate each other with snow missiles and started rolling lumpy spheres for a snowman, which ultimately morphed into the semblance of a snow fox on one side.

Friends with the Swiss snowman they built
Nicole and her brother build a new teammate for their snowball team.

The other side of our great Swiss snow beast morphed into…

Uhhhh,  something else.  I think it most resembles a cat, which is fitting for one entity to encompass both its “dog side” and its “cat side.”

Building a snow fox in Switzerland
Touille finds a new friend in our snow fox.

Chilled and wet but still laughing, we slipped and slid our way home amidst yet another snowball assault.Save

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