St Barbara Cathedral in Kutna Hora

The Cathedral of St Barbara

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During our road trip to Prague for Easter, we visited the Cathedral of St. Barbara – patron saint of miners.  Before then, we’d never heard of the church.  Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and regarded by many as one of the most spectacular Gothic cathedrals in Europe, the church is perched high on a hill overlooking the town of Kutná Hora.

Don’t miss another great attraction in Kutna Hora – the Kostnice Sedlec Ossuary or Church of Bones.

After first visiting the ossuary in the morning, we headed to St. Barbara.  The cathedral, with its rows of dark, narrow spires, was impossible to miss, rising up as a ghostly specter in the gloomy gray skies of an angry March day.  Driving along a creek below the church right in tow, we parked and climbed a meandering cobblestone path around its imposing stone perimeter to arrive at what truly has to be one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the Czech Republic, if not all of Europe.

Path to St Barbara Cathedral, Kutna Hora
Cobblestone path winding up the hill to St Barbara Cathedral.
St Barbara Cathedral on a gray March day
The Cathedral of St Barbara is a Roman Catholic church.
It’s included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Kutna Hora has a rich silver mining history, so it’s fitting that the church was named after Saint Barbara.

Gothic Church of St Barbara, Czech Republic
Gothic turrets, spires, and stained glass of the Church of St Barbara

Looking for a great day trip from Prague? Head to Kutna Hora to visit the Church of St. Barbara – patron saint of miners.

Know Before You Go
  • Cathedral of St. Barbara official website
  • Opening hours and fees for 2016 (regular adult admission, CZK 85/€3.15/$3.60)
  • Discounts are available for students.  Bring your student id!
  • Discounted combo tickets are available at Sedlec Ossuary to visit the ossuary in combination with St. Barbara’s, the Cathedral of Our Lady, and the Jesuit College (next door to St. Barbara’s).
  • Dogs are allowed on leash on the grounds around the cathedral but not inside.
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