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SANDEMANs “Free” Berlin Guided Walking Tour: Yea or Nay?

Until our most recent trip to Berlin, Travis and I had never gone on a guided walking tour of a city – paid or free.  When we’ve gone on other kinds of guided tours, we’re always the slowest in the bunch, hanging back to take photos or read some obscure sign nobody in their right mind cares to read.  Even when we know we might “get Continue reading SANDEMANs “Free” Berlin Guided Walking Tour: Yea or Nay?

Chugging Glögg at the Goslar Christmas Market

Bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to Europe’s Christmas markets. The smaller villages in Germany offer fewer crowds and a more intimate festival experience. This couldn’t be more true than in the town of Goslar just 75 km southeast of Hannover, Germany.  Founded in the 10th century, the town owes its Continue reading Chugging Glögg at the Goslar Christmas Market

Highlights of the 2016 Goettingen Christmas Market

Somehow the holiday season snuck up on us this year.  It’s probably partly because Thanksgiving – our festive American predecessor to Christmas – comes and goes without fanfare in Germany.  Plus we don’t shop much and aren’t buying Christmas gifts this year, so we  haven’t been down into the Goettingen city center for months Continue reading Highlights of the 2016 Goettingen Christmas Market

Half-Timber Houses of Hann. Münden

Half-timbered houses are a “thing” in Germany.  They’re pretty much everywhere.  It’s nearly impossible to drive through a single German village without seeing at least a few of these picturesque buildings with their distinctive bands of dark timbers lacing the exterior.  During construction, the spaces between the timbers are Continue reading Half-Timber Houses of Hann. Münden

Vaduz Castle, Liechtenstein

Travis makes fun of my fascination with tiny things; I’ve always loved browsing the dollhouse furniture section at the local craft stores, my most used cheese grater is only 2 inches tall, and I always cook with the smallest pot possible.  Maybe that explains my fascination with visiting Liechtenstein, a country that’s only about 160 square Continue reading Vaduz Castle, Liechtenstein

Teufelsbrücke, The Devil’s Bridge

As soon as we paid for our rather unpleasant night of camping at Lake Lucerne and were back on the road, our sense of adventure returned.  According to the website I’d found about Teufelsbrücke, it was only about 30 minutes from the lake, so we expected to be there in a jif. Continue reading Teufelsbrücke, The Devil’s Bridge

Camping at Lake Lucerne

Finding a place to camp after spending the big 3-7 in Lucerne proved to be a frustrating experience.  We visited three separate campgrounds before finally finding a place to stay.  The first was right in town along the lake, but after driving through the small RV- city lit with brightly colored Christmas lights, we scrammed outta Continue reading Camping at Lake Lucerne

Château de Chenaux

Now that we have a car here in Switzerland, we can indulge in one of our favorite pastimes – piling into the funmobile and heading off for parts unknown with no idea where we might end up!  On a random weekday, Travis got home from work while the sun was still shining and the skies bright blue.  We headed toward Estavayer-Le-Lac, a Continue reading Château de Chenaux