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Halloween Burg Frankenstein, A Truly *Monster*ous German Festival

Everyone’s heard of Frankenstein, right?  Even those who haven’t read Mary Shelley’s book are familiar with the basic storyline of Victor Frankenstein – an eccentric scientist who creates a lumbering, malformed humanoid patched together with recycled body parts.  At the sight of the abomination he’s created, Frankenstein casts it Continue reading Halloween Burg Frankenstein, A Truly *Monster*ous German Festival

A Night With Sexy Kitty

Our plans to leave Switzerland on October 1st didn’t materialize.  Like everything we do, even our travel plans from Switzerland to Germany were ill-planned and subject to change.  After just a few hours of sleep, we woke up on Halloween to finish cleaning our flat in Onnens.  With Simone’s help, we had it ready to go for the new Continue reading A Night With Sexy Kitty

Halloween Spooktaculaire

A friend from the States asked me not long ago if the Swiss “do Halloween.”  The way she phrased it struck me as a more appropriate way of asking not only if they celebrate the holiday, but whether they celebrate it to the extent that we do back home.  The resounding answer is no, they really don’t.  They don’t dress up in Continue reading Halloween Spooktaculaire