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Highlights of the 2016 Goettingen Christmas Market

Somehow the holiday season snuck up on us this year.  It’s probably partly because Thanksgiving – our festive American predecessor to Christmas – comes and goes without fanfare in Germany.  Plus we don’t shop much and aren’t buying Christmas gifts this year, so we  haven’t been down into the Goettingen city center for months Continue reading Highlights of the 2016 Goettingen Christmas Market

How scary is a trip to a German dentist?

One of the hardest things we’ve discovered about moving to a new country, particularly one in which we don’t speak the language, is finding new medical professionals.  Since we rarely go to the doctor and haven’t had dental insurance since we left the US, we were crossing our fingers that we could squeak by for a few years in Continue reading How scary is a trip to a German dentist?

Drawing Pysanky for Ukrainian Easter

As Americans, we’ve always celebrated our Easter holiday toward the end of March or some time before April 24th.  This year, the holiday arrived quite early on March 27th, a long weekend that we spent exploring the stunning city of Prague.  But despite all the decorations and festivities we saw there, I felt a bit like we’d missed Continue reading Drawing Pysanky for Ukrainian Easter

A Stroll Around Kiessee, “Gravel Lake”

As the grey months of winter dragged by in central Germany, our Oru kayaks remained boxed and ready in the guest bedroom, waiting anxiously for spring.  With some help from a few Google searches and informative emails from different departments of Germany’s tourism board, I’ve compiled a growing list of promising Continue reading A Stroll Around Kiessee, “Gravel Lake”

Two Small Potatoes, Plus One Korean

When I look back over my site calendar for the month of April, it’s the emptiest month I’ve had since I started blogging almost two years ago.  What’s up with that?!  In a mean-spirited twist of irony, the weather here has been mostly gloriously sunny and warm during the week, only to deteriorate into weekends of gnarly winter Continue reading Two Small Potatoes, Plus One Korean

St. Paddy’s Day Shenanigans

Apparently a love of Ireland is alive and well in Göttingen, Germany!  Folks came out in droves on St. Paddy’s Day to celebrate all things Irish.  Not ones to miss the holiday festivities, Travis and I joined a group of folks from his lab to see what the town had in store for us.  Continue reading St. Paddy’s Day Shenanigans

Timeline of Insanity: Registering A Non-EU Car In Germany

February has become the month of making our VW from Switzerland street-legal in Germany.  After bouts of intense frustration and consternation, countless hours at the German “DMV”, two vehicle inspections, and multiple appointments at an auto shop to bring our VW up to the different road standards, our Continue reading Timeline of Insanity: Registering A Non-EU Car In Germany

Deciphering German Curtain Terminology

Eureka, I’ve done it! I’ve cracked the top-secret code of German curtain terminology.  I am not a kiddin’ when I tell you that figuring out how to buy curtains and make them fit our plain old standard windows has been one of the hardest tasks since our arrival.  Not only have we accomplished the task, but we were able to do so Continue reading Deciphering German Curtain Terminology

Pucker Up, Fair Gänseliesel

One of Göttingen’s most well-known landmarks is the Gänseliesel, the famed Goose Girl statue downtown.  Centered within a stone fountain, capped with ornate metal vines and leaves, the fair maiden has been at the heart of a quaint tradition for over a century.  Not long after the statue was placed in the square in 1901, students Continue reading Pucker Up, Fair Gänseliesel

German Visas Are Officially Ours

Earlier this month, we had our second appointment at Immigration in downtown Göttingen to finalize our residency in Germany.  During our initial visit in November, we were approved for visas but were told we’d have to wait several weeks longer than expected to receive the cards because of the current backlog of refugee Continue reading German Visas Are Officially Ours