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Christmas Dinner: Deutsche Din-din vs Yankee Yum-yums

A dilemma of monumental proportions hit us a few days before Christmas.  What the heck were we going to do for the holidays?  Unless you count not planning as a plan, we didn’t have a plan.  We didn’t even intend to cook a real dinner until Christmas Eve when we came across a cold case of comically tiny turkeys at the local grocery Continue reading Christmas Dinner: Deutsche Din-din vs Yankee Yum-yums

American vs German Culture: To Eat or Not To Eat

Ask anybody what they notice first and foremost about Americans, and one thing that always tops the list is how friendly we are – too friendly.  Creepy friendly.  Seriously, who makes eye contact and smiles at a total stranger on the street?  Only an insane person would do thatWe smile too much, we’re too loud, and though it baffles me Continue reading American vs German Culture: To Eat or Not To Eat

10 Foods We Miss From The US

It’s just past the one-year anniversary of when we moved to Switzerland, so we’re taking a look at some of the foods we miss from the US.  There are actually a lot more than 10!  In fact, we miss entire food groups – like good Mexican food – but the 10 items that made our list are either basic ingredients, staples, or “comfort foods” that are difficult to find or completely absent in Switzerland. Continue reading 10 Foods We Miss From The US

Halloween Spooktaculaire

A friend from the States asked me not long ago if the Swiss “do Halloween.”  The way she phrased it struck me as a more appropriate way of asking not only if they celebrate the holiday, but whether they celebrate it to the extent that we do back home.  The resounding answer is no, they really don’t.  They don’t dress up in Continue reading Halloween Spooktaculaire

Sushi Bear

Trav and I have fallen into a really neat group of friends in Fribourg.  Back in July while we were still looking for a place to live, the nicest couple hosted us on Airbnb,  welcoming us to Switzerland  and into their home with hospitality like we’ve rarely experienced.  Since then, they’ve continued to invite us back for birthday parties, Continue reading Sushi Bear

Swiss Raclette, Slightly Americanized

Several weeks ago, Travis answered an ad on Anibis for an 8 person raclette grill that cost 40 chf. It seemed like a pretty good deal. When he got to the seller’s apartment, the gentleman apologized and said he’d just realized that day that they were missing one of the wooden spoons, so he offered it to Trav for 20 chf.  Cha ching!  With Continue reading Swiss Raclette, Slightly Americanized