Last Swiss fondue before relocation to Germany

Saying Goodbye

As Travis and I enter our last week in Switzerland, we’ve shared a flurry of farewell get-togethers with friends, starting with a dinner with folks from his lab at the University of Fribourg.  We knew it was the last time we would see many of them, so dinner was bittersweet.

We say goodbye to friends from Trav’s lab during a final dinner together at the university.

The goodbyes continued with an absolutely superb crêpe dinner Larisa and Romi cooked for us in Marley.

We followed that up with an evening with friends in Romont who shared a lovely home-cooked French supper.  While we were there, they let us put our Oru kayaks in their apartment storage unit where they’ve been generously allowing us to store all of our belongings since August 1st, when we moved to our new, smaller flat.

The following night, Simone invited us to dinner at her place, treating us to what will likely be our last raclette in the foreseeable future.  We shared the evening with her and Francis, two of the many friends who’ve eased the difficulties we’ve had in Switzerland in countless ways with their generosity and kindness, far beyond what we ever could have imagined.

Simone makes the best raclette in Switzerland.

Before the cheese had even settled from that meal, we were again devouring copious amounts of cheese with friends at Dorota’s flat in Fribourg for one final fondue.

Rana, Dorota, and I say goodbye over fondue dinner at Dorota’s apartment.

We left knowing that we’ll see them again.  It might not be soon and it might not be in Switzerland, but we’ll see them again.  Good friends always find a way.

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