Baumkugel tree sphere in Germany

Robin’s Nest Baumhaushotel: Glamping in a Unique Treehouse Sphere

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Imagine falling asleep to the whisper of the wind in the trees. You gently sway in a cozy cocoon suspended above earth’s leafy carpet. Like floating on a cloud, you slumber, tucked in a soft bed under a colorful comforter. Snuggled beside you? Your furry friend and the one you adore most. A million stars sparkle through the skylight, your window to the heavens. This is a night in the treehouse sphere at Robin’s Nest Baumhaushotel.

Where is Robin’s Nest Baumhaushotel located?

Robin’s Nest Treehouse Hotel is nestled in a small forest overlooking rolling green hills in the state of Hesse. If it were any further east, it’d be in Lower Saxony. The nearest village is Gertenbach; the nearest town of any size is either Goettingen or Kassel.

The founder of Robin’s Nest Baumhaushotel, Peter Becker, actually grew up in Gertenbach, as well as in Berlin.

Like most of our favorite attractions, these treehouses are pretty off the beaten path. Unfortunately that also means they’re not readily accessible by public transportation.

Though it is possible to take a train and then a bus to get there, you’ll still need to go on foot from the end of the line where Bus 134 drops you off at Mollenfelde Deideröder Straße. From there, it takes about 30 minutes to walk the 2 km on streets and narrow country roads to the treehouses.

Click map to enlarge

The easiest way to get to Robin’s Nest is definitely by car. Plan on a two-hour drive whether you’re traveling north from Frankfurt, east from Dortmund, south from Hanover, or west from Leipzig.

Beautiful central Germany near Berlepsch Castle in Hesse
The final stretch of road to the treehouses winds through pretty fields and forests.

Travel Tip: Parking is free and plentiful at Robin’s Nest Baumhaushotel.

Glamping at Robin’s Nest Treehouse Hotel

What is glamping anyway?” you ask.

For those who aren’t familiar with glamping, the term comes from a marriage of “glamorous” and “camping.”

The idea has exploded in recent years, with all kinds of cool and crazy places to stay popping up – on boats, old railroad cars, retired passenger planes, luxury treehouse cabins, and pretty much any type of place that people might find interesting enough to pay to stay.

Robin's Nest Baumhaushotel tree sphere in Germany
Robin’s Nest offers glamping in the truest sense of the word.

Businesses have been eager to provide more unique and memorable lodging experiences for travelers who’re tired of paying hotels for nothing more than a bed to sleep and a place to shower.

We’ve been thrilled with this explosion of glamping options because we’ve always loved both camping and travel.

When we’re traveling and can’t camp, we look for lodging that’s either dirt cheap (when we won’t be spending much time at the lodging) or that offers something really unique or memorable. When that’s the case, we’re willing to splurge on the cost because we’re paying for the entire experience.

Private entrance to Baumkugel at the treehouses in Witzenhausen, Germany
At Robin’s Nest, you can relax and unwind in forest solitude.

The problem with this explosion of glamping is that it often means the best places are booked solid for months – or years – because of high demand. We usually prefer spontaneous travel, so booking places like this can be a huge pain.

Lucky for us, the tree sphere was easy to book on fairly short notice.

I found it by doing a search online for “treehouse rentals near me” and when it popped up not far from us, I emailed and asked about a single weeknight stay. They responded quickly with the terms of their offer and the price, and I confirmed it.

Just like that, we were ready for a one-night romantic vacation in the forest!

Travis enters our romantic tree sphere for two on a night of glamping in Germany
Honey, I’m home!

Travel Tip: Robin’s Nest offers booking by phone, but the treehouses are also available to book online or via email for those located outside Germany. They have English-speaking staff if your Deutsch nicht gut ist.

Another thing we’ve found with the glamping trap is that places are quick to cash in on the trend. More and more we see over-priced accommodations dubbed “glamping” when in fact it’s neither camping, nor do they offer amenities, luxury, or anything meaningful in the way of an experiential stay.

Someone will just build a plywood shack in their tiny backyard in some random city and call it glamping.


They’ve pretty much missed the point entirely.

Reception at Robin's Nest Baumhaushotel in Witzenhausen, Germany
Even the reception building at Robin’s Nest is charmingly rustic.

Robin’s Nest Baumhaushotel is one of the few places we’ve found that we feel really is glamping in Germany. The folks at Robin’s Nest understand the concept and do their best to provide a rustic but comfortable experience with a close connection with nature.

Our Stay in the Treehouse Sphere

Since we’ve stayed in a number of treehouses – and loved them all! – but never stayed in a tree sphere, we booked the Baumhauskugel at Robin’s Nest.

Language Tip: In German, Baum is tree, Haus is house, and Kugel means ball or sphere. Pro tip? Nouns are capitalized in German.

Baumkugel glamping in Germany
Does forest living get any cuter than this Baumkugel?

Payment is required in advance, so checking in was as simple as popping into the reception area next to parking and getting a rundown on the place. The friendly employee told us where to get our key and warmly welcomed us to the grounds.

We were the first guests to check in for the day, so we briefly had the entire place mostly to ourselves. It gave us the chance to settle in to our tree sphere and explore the other tree dwellings in complete privacy.

Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life.

John Muir
Wooden walkway to our baumkugel at Robin's Nest Baumhaushotel in Germany
Walkway to our treehouse sphere rental at Robin's Nest Baumhaushotel in Germany

Take a peak inside our romantic tree sphere!

The tree sphere is the only one like it on the property.

As far as we know, it’s also the only one like it in all of Germany, which makes it especially unique.

Cozy wooden walls and double bed inside the Robin's Nest Baumkugel in Germany
The treehouse ball is perfectly suited for a couple, with just one double bed.
Cozy wooden interior of our tree sphere in Witzenhausen, Germany
Doorway outside from the Baumkugel tree sphere in central Germany
Flip flops outside our tree sphere rental while on vacation in Germany
My Tevas definitely belong on a door mat like this.

Though the interior offers few amenities – ie, the camping part of glamping – it’s heated and has electricity.

The design is simple, yet functional. Besides the bed, it has a small built-in desk with seating for two and cubby space for clothing. It doesn’t have its own toilet or shower, but both are available nearby on the property.

Overall, it’s just cozy and comfortable.

Triangular windows and trees from inside Robin's Nest Baumhauskugel in Germany
Colorful blue and red Bohemian quilt on the bed inside Robin's Nest tree ball rental
Carrie and Travis, Two Small Potatoes, glamping in Germany in a tree sphere
Solar light in the window with trees at Robins Nest Tree Ball in Germany
Hexagonal skylight with trees above from inside Baumhauskugel in Germany

Above all, the tree sphere was built with the intention of allowing someone to sleep as close to nature as possible in a beautiful setting without sacrificing comfort.

It absolutely does that.

Warm light and skylights at night inside a treehouse rental in Germany

We fell asleep next to our open window breathing in the sweet smell of the trees, listening to the birds, watching the stars, and swaying with the gentle breezes that rocked our little sleep bubble.

It was a perfect night in our forest love nest!

Travel Tip: Robin’s Nest doesn’t have WiFi, so it’s ideal if you want a getaway that’s off the grid.

Watch our quick video of the Robin’s Nest sleep bubble.

The treehouse sphere is dog friendly.

If you’re like us and like to travel with your dog, you’ll be glad to know your furry friend is welcome at Robin’s Nest.

Whether you’re staying at the treehouses during a holiday, just want a romantic getaway, or you love the outdoors and want to explore the nearby hiking trails, your dog will love the rustic accommodations in a natural setting.

Our rat terrier Ratatouille loves our treehouse sphere in Germany
Touille the Terrier approves of Robin’s Nest.
Hiking with our dog in the woods of Hesse, Germany
It’s surrounded by miles of hiking trails.

Travel Tip: As per the business’s pet policy, we paid a one-time fee of €15 for our dog.

What other types of tree house rentals does Robin’s Nest offer?

Besides the treehouse sphere where we stayed, Robin’s Nest has a range of other sleep options, from tree tents to tiny cabins and treehouses.

Cork House – Korkhaus

For those who love heights and want to truly feel like you’re sleeping in a bird’s nest, this one’s for you.

The highest of all the treehouses, Cork House is gorgeously decked out inside with beautiful attention to detail. It sleeps from 1-4 guests, is dog friendly, and has its own dry toilet.

If we were to stay at Robin’s Nest Baumhaushotel again, we’d book a night or two at the Cork House.

Cork House treehouse rental at Robin's Nest Baumhaushotel in Germany

Eco-friendly Travel Alert: The tree structures at Robin’s Nest were built with an eye toward sustainably sourced wood, recycled materials, and eco-friendly building practices.

Birch House – Birkenhaus

This one is very similar to the Cork House above. It also sleeps from 1-4 people and costs the same.

In our opinion, it’s the best treehouse for kids, though all are kid friendly with safety netting.

Headquarters – Stammhaus

This fun little rental in the tree branches has a rope swing for all those willing to give it a try!

Like the previous two, it sleeps up to four and requires a minimum 2-night booking on weekends.

Travis swings from the rope swing at Robin's Nest Baumhaushotel in Germany
Headquarters - Stammhaus treehouse in Witzenhausen, Germany

Stilt House – Stelzenhaus

For all you luxury travelers out there, the Stilt House is the swankiest of the lot!

It’s the largest tree dwelling with the most amenities. The lower floor offers 40 m2 of living space with an additional 18 m2 of space upstairs for sleeping. With a cozy cast iron wood-burning stove, picture windows facing the nearby Berlepsch Castle, and its own private bathroom with shower and toilet, it’s the Hilton of country living.

It’s also the best option for larger families since it’s the only tree home that can accommodate up to eight guests.

Stilt House - Stelzenhaus rental at Robins Nest Baumhaushotel in Germany

Log Cabin – Blockhütte

As is the case with the cozy tree sphere where we stayed, the log cabin is ideally suited for up to two guests.

While it lacks the novelty of the tree sphere, its lower price is a nice option for those wanting to stay at Robin’s Nest but who’re traveling on a smaller budget.

Log cabin - blockhutte rental at Robin's Nest in Germany

Tree Tents – Baumzelte

The tree tents are the sleeping option most akin to old-school camping at Robin’s Nest. Suspended off the forest floor between the trees, they’re like comfy tree hammocks.

The tree tents sleep up to three people and can be booked from May to September.

Dogs aren’t allowed in the tents.

Tree tents - Baumzelte rental lodging at Robin's Nest Baumhaushotel in Germany

Sleeping Wagon – Schlafwagen

A small sleeping car that resembles a wooden train car has also been added since our stay. It sleeps up to two, is dog friendly, and has pretty views from the edge of the forest.

How much do the treehouses cost?

The most expensive and largest, the Stilt House, costs €259.00 per weeknight or €548.00 weekends for 1-4 guests with an additional surcharge of €49.00 per person per night for additional guests up to eight people.

The other three treehouses cost €225.00 per night during the week or €480.00 for a weekend stay from Friday to Sunday.

The cost of the treehouse sphere is €189.00 for weeknights; €408 for weekend stays.

The sleeping wagon and cabin both cost €100.00 per night during the week, €230 on weekends.

At €30.00 for a single night from Sunday through Thursday, the tree tents are the most affordable option. The price goes up to €90 on weekends.

Extra fees also apply for Friday check-ins, single-night stays, additional guests, dogs, and breakfast (optional). Check directly on the Robin’s Nest website for current prices when you book your stay.

Baumkugel tree sphere in Germany

What is there to do near Hotel Robin’s Nest?

Really, the treehouses themselves are the thing to do during your stay, but if you feel a need to venture outside your leafy hideaway, you have a couple of options.

Dine at the Waldbar Restaurant.

If you get hungry, the Waldbar Restaurant is located on the premises and offers nomblies for guests. You can enjoy their breakfast buffet, order pizza, relax over coffee and dessert, or kick back with a drink late in the evening at their outdoor bar.

Waldbar Restaurant at Robin's Nest Treehouses in Germany
Rustic and tasteful exterior of the Waldbar Restaurant in Germany
Berlepsch Castle from the Waldbar Restaurant at Robin's Nest in Germany
Guests can enjoy views of Berlepsch Castle from the interior dining area at Walbar Restaurant as well as the tables outside.

Explore Berlepsch Castle.

You can’t visit Robin’s Nest without at least seeing the 650-year-old Berlepsch Castle just across the valley. Even better is to walk from the treehouses during your stay and explore the castle grounds.

Though it might not be the most well known or famous for tourists visiting Germany, it’s beloved by locals. Many consider it the most beautiful castle in Hesse.

The best way to decide if that’s true is to visit it yourself! The castle is visible from the treehouses and is just a few minutes away on foot.

Image of Berlepsch Castle in Germany for sale by Two Small Potatoes Photography
Click to Purchase on Fine Art America

Final thoughts on Robin’s Nest Baumhaushotel…

Did we like it? I think it’s pretty obvious we did.

Do we recommend it? Absolutely!

The tree sphere at Robin’s Nest Tree House Hotel is seriously the most perfect little romantic hideaway for couples. And the larger treehouses are ideal for small families or groups of friends.

If you end up staying, definitely drop us a comment and let us know which treehouse you rented and if you enjoyed your stay!

Want more things to do near Robin’s Nest Baumhaushotel?

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