Morphing Into A Forest Hermit

Since Trav’s been gone, I’ve alternately fended off loneliness, struggled with frustration (feels like we’re being flooded with bills, all in French, for things we’re not accustomed to having to pay), and exhilarated in my freedom to explore the surrounding countryside with only whim to dictate where I go.  It’s impossible to walk Continue reading Morphing Into A Forest Hermit

A Day In Morat

When our neighbors, Carlos & Nicole, offered to take us to the nearby town of Morat (Murten in German) to spend the day at the lake, we said yes!  Here was a  chance to spend the day with friends, to ride in a car, to let Touille chase her ball, and to be by the water.  We packed a picnic lunch of Austrian black olives, Portuguese and Continue reading A Day In Morat

Vacuuming Pineapple

While cruising through cupboards this morning searching for breakfast fixin’s, my eyes landed on the fresh bunch of bananas Trav just bought.  After dropping the peel in the compost bin, I marveled that I hadn’t seen a single fruit fly for days.  Where had they gone?  As soon as we moved in, we’d been inundated with the little pests. Continue reading Vacuuming Pineapple

Registration With the Swiss Authorities, Again

Today we caught a bus early in the morning to Lentigny, another small village about 4 kilometers from our house in Onnens.  Our mission?  Registration with the Swiss authorities to let them know we’d moved from the town of Fribourg to a new town and address in their jurisdiction.  This notion is rather peculiar to Americans who Continue reading Registration With the Swiss Authorities, Again

Furnishing a Home in Switzerland on a Budget

Moving to Switzerland has driven home how easy our previous moves have been.  We could speak the language.  We could drive anywhere we needed for anything at just about any hour of the day or night.  We could easily and cheaply rent a moving truck.  We could use our 4Runner for hauling even large furniture.   And we always Continue reading Furnishing a Home in Switzerland on a Budget

Tageshit at Ikea? Ummm…no, thank you!

Today was all about furniture shopping.  Starting over.

When we left Oregon just over 2 months ago, my husband and I had been living together for over 15 years.  While we both gravitate toward solid honey pine furniture and a cozy, country-style home, Continue reading Tageshit at Ikea? Ummm…no, thank you!

Goodbye Hotels, It’s Moving Day!

Let the adventure begin!

Three weeks ago, our plane touched down in Geneva, Switzerland, marking the beginning of the next exciting chapter of our lives as American expats in Europe.  Since then, we’ve been bouncing from Continue reading Goodbye Hotels, It’s Moving Day!

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