Night snowshoeing at Schwarzsee in Switzerland

Moonlight Snowshoeing at Schwarzsee

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It’s not breaking news that Switzerland is famous for its winter sports. We finally were able to truly experience it firsthand with a trip snowshoeing Schwarzsee. But not during the day. Instead, we went at night during a full moon!

Our group of 18 hikers and 3 guides met at the University of Fribourg, settled up our fees, and then piled into three vans for the brief 30-minute drive to the trailhead. After gearing up with snowshoes, poles, and headlamps, all provided by the guides, we hit the trail right as night fell.

Gearing up for snowshoeing at night in Switzerland
We arrive in time to gear up with the last of the daylight.
Trailhead for our snowshoeing trip near Fribourg, Switzerland
The first part of the trail gradually winds uphill past a few houses.

It didn’t take long before Travis was face planting in the snow and trying to pack snowballs.

Luckily the snow was so cold and dry, his snow missiles just disintegrated into fluffy dust clouds.

Not very deadly, sucka!

Snow in the snow near Schwarzsee, Switzerland
Travis looks like Jack Nicholson in The Shining.
Our group of night hikers near Schwarzsee
We prop up Trav’s two snowshoe poles as a bi-pod for a photo of our friend, Oriane.

For about two hours, we trudged steadily uphill, at times dragging our poles when they were unnecessary or when it seemed too much effort to lift them.  

Some hikers opted to use the headlamps provided while we preferred to make our way with the dim natural light.

Our group of night hikers from Fribourg
RIP Nikon lens cap. Come spring, some lucky hiker will probably find the one we lost while taking this photo.

Unfortunately, the cloud cover never cleared to reveal the full moon.

It still cast enough diffuse light for us to see the heavily snow-clad trees running along adjacent ridges, the stark outline of icy creeks flowing under bridges buried by countless snow flurries, and the millions of snowflakes glittering the night sky.  

With approval from our guides, we hiked off-piste (off trail), but gave complete respect to the utter blackness of sheer drop-offs intermittently bordering the trail.

Night snowshoeing near Schwarzsee in Switzerland
The evening, complete with snow falling like glitter, is so perfect it’s almost surreal.

We passed several chalets and small mountain posts before summiting. After a short breather, we continued downhill in a large loop that linked up with the beginning of our trail near the trailhead.

And then came the best part…

Fondue dinner in a Swiss mountain chalet!

At the end of our hike, a superb fondue dinner and gallons of sweet, hot tea awaited us at a tiny Swiss chalet.

Shedding our wet outerwear, we gratefully thawed in front of the wood stove, cupping generous mugs of tea and chatting with some of the other group members.

Swiss mountain chalet for fondue dinner
The warm and cozy chalet at Schwarzsee welcomes us after snowshoeing for hours.

Dinner consisted of a traditional Swiss fondue with bread and potatoes for dipping in the communal cheese pot.  

Unlike other fondue we’ve had, this cheese had a distinctly different flavor with a much sharper bite to it. Swiss fondue cheese is often referred to as moitié-moitié because it’s usually a mixture of two cheeses, often Gruyère and Vacherin Fribourgeois.

Garlic and white wine are typical ingredients, but this fondue hinted at something else. Either the cheese was sharper, or perhaps it included a healthy dose of a stronger spirit such as kirsch, a type of brandy made from distilled cherries.

Either way, the warm, cheesy gooeyness was scrumptious.

Fondue dinner in a Swiss alpine chalet

Oriane and I share our fondue with folks from France, Germany, and Switzerland.

Once dinner was over, we were happy to clump back to our vans and pile in for the ride back to town.

While Travis slept next to me, I marveled that our 7-hour adventure had included snowshoe gear, transportation, and dinner, all for only about 25 bucks apiece.

That’s not even enough for a typical fondue dinner at a Swiss restaurant!

Our group of friends snowshoeing in Switzerland

Our group of night-time adventurers poses for the only group photo of the night. Great group of folks!

I have to give a shout out to Pauline and Oriane for including us in this fantastic night snowshoeing Schwarzsee adventure and to the University of Fribourg for sponsoring a great trip!

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