Basel Airport, Switzerland

London Job Interview

For the folks who follow our blog, I’m guessing you’re wondering if we fell off the face of the earth!  As each day speeds past, I realize that I’m falling further behind as my blog sits sadly neglected in cyber space.  I think I’m actually 2 full months behind now.

Somehow our lives have snowballed into hectic chaos, though good in many ways.

For much of August, we visited with friends, made trips to nearby lakes to go swimming and paddle boarding, crammed in hiking when we could, and took a couple weeks to road trip to Romania to visit friends by way of Hungary, Austria, Ukraine, and Slovakia.

Last week we had relatives on my side visiting Switzerland.  We met up with them for a single day in Gruyères, the only time we were able to spend with them.

We enjoy fondue dinner with relatives on my side, Wes and July, at La Maison du Gruyère in Switzerland.

The following day, we drove up to Chamonix, a small but gorgeous resort area in the French Alps.  There we met up with some of our oldest and closest friends who are in Europe visiting from the States.

Shortly before we headed up to meet them in France, Travis received an email from a lab in London offering him a job interview.  Cutting short our plans with our American friends, we came home early to make travel arrangements and re-pack for London.  Flexible and fun, our friends caravaned back with us from Chamonix to our apartment in Switzerland, camping in our yard for a night before they continued on to Italy.

Now with only a few hours to go before we have to get up for our ridiculously early flight, I’m typing instead of sleeping.


We’re used to going to bed at 2 am, not getting up at 2 am to head to the airport.  Plus, I doubt I can even sleep tonight.  I’m excited, nervous, and curious all at the same time.  After packing the lightest carry-on I’ve ever packed, I realized I couldn’t find my favorite, cutest pair of black boots.  The night, the day, the week, our entire last few weeks of crazy, shifting changes haven’t led to a single tear.  No waterworks, no stewing on my part as to the future or where we’ll be living in a few weeks.  But after realizing I’d packed my boots away in a tote with Trav’s shoes, a tote that’s now stored 20 km away in a friend’s storage unit, I lost it!

As always when I cry, Trav looked freaked out, then tried every tactic he could think of to stop them.

Can’t you just wear something else?

Wrong thing to say.  More tears.

Should we drive to Romont to get your boots?

Really sweet, but of course not.  It was after 10 pm and we couldn’t bother our friends for that.

When he came over to give me a tight hug, I admitted I was just overwhelmed with moving again, the steady stream of emails and text messages for folks wanting to buy our things, the impending uncertainty of where we’ll be moving next, all the changes of the past few weeks, and the thought of living in London, a huge city that doesn’t appeal to either of us.  By now, Trav should realize his hugs are like band-aids.  One hug, a few minutes of listening, and my world is back on kilter.

We were able to find last-minute airfare with EasyJet, our first time flying with them (we’ll see how it goes), and we booked a room at an Airbnb just a few blocks from Trav’s interview location.

Receiving several messages to confirm our accommodation details, the Airbnb host has already made us feel welcome.  She offered to let us check in anytime and let us know that when we want breakfast, we just need to pop into a nearby cafe and tell them “Kat” sent us.

Are all Londoners this friendly?!  In a few hours, we’ll find out.

We have three days to see if Two Small Potatoes from Idaho might be able to call this city “home.”

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