Guesthouse Waldhauser

We finally really made it to Göttingen, Germany.  For folks wondering where we ended up on the 22nd, we successfully checked into the Guesthouse Waldhauser, the first place we’ve stayed that’s actually within the Göttingen city limits.

Hello, big city life!

Since we found the guesthouse and made the reservation through an English-speaking employee at the local tourism office, we didn’t actually have any contact with the guesthouse owner until we were ready to check in.  We were a bit stumped when we called to confirm our check-in time and find out how to get the key, only to discover that our new guesthouse owner didn’t speak English.  Somehow he and Travis managed to communicate that we would just meet at the flat in 30 minutes.  Once there, the owner gave us a key for the parking gate and showed us how to work it (or we never would have figured it out), then led us to the apartment a block over and gave us a tour of the flat.  It would suit us just fine for a week.

Guesthouse Waldhauser
Guesthouse Waldhauser in Goettingen, Germany

Despite the tumult of moving so often recently, it’s been fun to live in different villages, exchanging homes like trying on new clothes to see what fits best.  Last week it was a mansion in the country with views of green fields.  Now it’s a penthouse flat in the city with views of St. Johannis Church.

St Johannis Church, Germany
St Johannis Church from Guesthouse Waldhauser, Göttingen

If our perspective changes with our physical surroundings, so too does it change with the passage of time.

St John’s Church from our flat in Goettingen

As each night we close our eyes on the church’s looming shadow, each morning we wake as the sun spreads warm colors across the sky, fending off the blues of evening.

It’s the perfect reminder that things always look darkest just before the dawn.

Things will get better…

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