Pretty blown glass liqueur bottles for sale

Vom Fass: Unique Shopping For Wine, Liqueurs, and Oils On Tap

What is Vom Fass, you ask? It’s only the coolest place to shop for all manner of unique tasty treats, from spices, pasta, and olive oils to spirits, wine, and liqueurs!

Vom Fass literally means from the barrel, and the idea is that products are available for sale in bulk, both large and small quantities.

We discovered this place entirely by accident but keep going back.

During an evening in Fribourg, Switzerland with friends, we headed for a tasty little ice cream shop on the Rue de Lausanne, one of the most touristy walking-only shopping streets in town. On the way, we popped into a heavenly tea shop in search of the perfect chai tea that a friend had recommended.

As soon as we left the tea shop, we stopped up short at a classy, over-sized window.

With our noses pressed to the glass, we peered inside with fascination at the fancy transparent jars filled with mysterious liquids, pyramid of small wooden casks, and shelves filled with glass bottles of all shapes and sizes.

Obviously we had to check it out!

Inside, the sales lady left us to browse as we took in the impeccably displayed wine and spirits for sale, all on tap, as well as oils and vinegars which could be sampled. 

Glass casks for liqueur on tap at Vom Foss
Did we mention that visitors can sample the liqueurs at Vom Fass for FREE?!

After reading through flavors like South Tyrolean Mountain Herbal Liqueur (what even is that?!), green absinthe, and Islay Single Malt Whiskey for a cool $600 per liter, I finally selected a rich and creamy Latte Macchiato Liqueur.

The sales lady explained how to make our purchase, leading us to a wall of clear glass bottles in all shapes and sizes.

I chose a simple square glass bottle with a hollowed center that could be stacked with two identical bottles for a more decorative display.

She then filled my chosen bottle from the liqueur jar spigot right in front of me, capped it, and finished it with decorative raffia.

Bottles for sale at Vom Foss in Fribourg, Switzerland
The liquid products are priced by deciliter. The sample bottles are marked with the price of the bottle and the volume.

For those looking for a more unique – and expensive – gift idea, they also offer decorative bottles filled with hand-blown glass scenes.

Pretty blown glass liqueur bottles for sale at a shop in Fribourg, Switzerland
Many of the smaller blown glass bottles are actually not too expensive.

Have you been in search of a miniature glass Santa Maria, sails billowing, on seas of vodka?

You’ve come to the right place!

Want to find a Vom Fass store near you?

Vom Fass locations are available worldwide. Use their Vom Fass Store Locator to find the store nearest you.

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Know Before You Go
  • For those visiting the Vom Fass location in Fribourg, check for current opening hours before you visit. As of this writing, they’re closed Sundays and are only open a few hours on Mondays.
  • The shop is located on the Rue de Lausanne in Old Town Fribourg, Switzerland.Save
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