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Skizentrum Sankt Andreasberg, Skiing for Beginners

Lower Saxony may be pretty, but I gotta say – the mountains are mere mole hills.  Moving to central Germany from Switzerland is like having your parents replace your Halloween candy with broccoli – it’s harder to enjoy the healthy stuff after feasting on a steady diet of world-class alpine sports for a year.  The good news for us is that we Continue reading Skizentrum Sankt Andreasberg, Skiing for Beginners

Highlights of the 2016 Goettingen Christmas Market

Somehow the holiday season snuck up on us this year.  It’s probably partly because Thanksgiving – our festive American predecessor to Christmas – comes and goes without fanfare in Germany.  Plus we don’t shop much and aren’t buying Christmas gifts this year, so we  haven’t been down into the Goettingen city center for months Continue reading Highlights of the 2016 Goettingen Christmas Market

It’s Official – We’re Going to Kashmir!

Several months ago, a friend of ours invited us to his wedding in July.  We were super excited about going, but when Syed told us he’d be getting married back home – which for him is Kashmir, India – we were doubly excited!  A colleague of Trav’s from his grad school days at the University of Oregon, Syed quickly impressed us with his love Continue reading It’s Official – We’re Going to Kashmir!

Road Trip To Paris With A Stranger

We finally made it to Paris after living in Europe for nearly two years. How crazy is that?! We knew we’d get there eventually, but we didn’t have any dates in mind until a couple of friends from Oregon let us know they’d be spending several days in the city as part of their 2016 Grand European Adventure.  Initially they’d Continue reading Road Trip To Paris With A Stranger

Drawing Pysanky for Ukrainian Easter

As Americans, we’ve always celebrated our Easter holiday toward the end of March or some time before April 24th.  This year, the holiday arrived quite early on March 27th, a long weekend that we spent exploring the stunning city of Prague.  But despite all the decorations and festivities we saw there, I felt a bit like we’d missed Continue reading Drawing Pysanky for Ukrainian Easter

Pucker Up, Fair Gänseliesel

One of Göttingen’s most well-known landmarks is the Gänseliesel, the famed Goose Girl statue downtown.  Centered within a stone fountain, capped with ornate metal vines and leaves, the fair maiden has been at the heart of a quaint tradition for over a century.  Not long after the statue was placed in the square in 1901, students Continue reading Pucker Up, Fair Gänseliesel

An MPI Christmas

With Christmas just a couple of short weeks away, I’ve been feeling a bit sad to be missing so many things we love about the holidays in the States.  Though I’m really not a big fan of gift exchanges that often involve obscene piles of presents, I love the other sparkly, warm and fuzzy parts of the holiday season.  Eggnog, craft fairs, and Continue reading An MPI Christmas

A Happy Holzminden Thanksgiving

I’ve always wondered why our American holiday, Thanksgiving,  is on the fourth Thursday of November.  So random.  The first recorded harvest festival celebrated by the Pilgrims in 1621 wasn’t on a Thursday.  It was a three-day feast that more likely occurred in September or even October to celebrate a bountiful harvest.  But Continue reading A Happy Holzminden Thanksgiving

A Night With Sexy Kitty

Our plans to leave Switzerland on October 1st didn’t materialize.  Like everything we do, even our travel plans from Switzerland to Germany were ill-planned and subject to change.  After just a few hours of sleep, we woke up on Halloween to finish cleaning our flat in Onnens.  With Simone’s help, we had it ready to go for the new Continue reading A Night With Sexy Kitty