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Last night with Sexy Kitty before leaving Switzerland

A Night With Sexy Kitty

Our plans to leave Switzerland on October 1st didn't materialize.  Like everything we do, even our travel plans from Switzerland to Germany were ill-planned and subject to change.  After just a few hours of sleep, we woke up on Halloween to finish cleaning our...
Travis rides our rolled up mattress like a bronc

Relocation Is Never Boring

Relocation is never boring if you're married to someone like Travis, who simply can't contain his inner cowboy when the opportunity presents itself.  October 30th was the day after his birthday.  It was also the last full day at our flat in Switzerland, which ...
Goodbye card from friends in Switzerland

One Small Potato’s Birthday

In Switzerland, it's customary to take a dessert to work to share with co-workers on your own birthday, which is the opposite from what we do in the US.  Since Travis and I knew we'd be in the midst of packing to move on his birthday, which is on the 29th, we ...
Half timber houses of Goettingen, Germany

We’re Moving To Germany!

In four days, we'll be leaving Switzerland and moving to Germany to start what will be the next chapter of our lives in Europe. In July, Travis had a "Job Interview In Göttingen" Germany, where we spent a couple of days exploring the area. We really liked it. ...
Last Swiss fondue before relocation to Germany

Saying Goodbye

As Travis and I enter our last week in Switzerland, we've shared a flurry of farewell get-togethers with friends, starting with a dinner with folks from his lab at the University of Fribourg.  We knew it was the last time we would see many of them, so dinner w...
Swisscom store in Switzerland

Early Termination of Swisscom

The process of departing from Switzerland for a resident is a slow process, one that requires ticking off administrative tasks in the right order.  The first step is to officially report your departure to the local cantonal authorities.  For us, it took multip...