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Two Potatoes, A Moving Van, And Some Beer

Bright and early on the morning of January 7th, Travis and I set off on a much-awaited international expedition.  Driving a medium sized moving van, we left the compact snow and frigid temps of central Germany for the warmer climes of Switzerland’s rolling pre-Alps.  Our mission?  To retrieve most of our worldly possessions, Continue reading Two Potatoes, A Moving Van, And Some Beer

Prioritizing Our “To-Do” Drudgery

Before we left Switzerland, we took care of some of the more important administrative tasks, like deregistering with the local Swiss authorities, canceling our Swisscom cell phone contracts, and canceling Trav’s medical insurance with Swisscare.  Beyond that, though, our lengthy “to-do” list followed us to Germany.  Blast…I’d Continue reading Prioritizing Our “To-Do” Drudgery

A Night With Sexy Kitty

Our plans to leave Switzerland on October 1st didn’t materialize.  Like everything we do, even our travel plans from Switzerland to Germany were ill-planned and subject to change.  After just a few hours of sleep, we woke up on Halloween to finish cleaning our flat in Onnens.  With Simone’s help, we had it ready to go for the new Continue reading A Night With Sexy Kitty

One Small Potato’s Birthday

In Switzerland, it’s customary to take a dessert to work to share with co-workers on your own birthday, which is the opposite from what we do in the US.  Since Travis and I knew we’d be in the midst of packing to move on his birthday, which is on the 29th, we didn’t really make plans to celebrate. Continue reading One Small Potato’s Birthday

Early Termination of Swisscom

With our deregistration business successfully concluded at SPoMi, we left the office for the last time.  Deregistration letter in hand, we were finally able to start the process of notifying the appropriate agencies and companies of our departure.  Our first stop was Swisscom, the Swiss equivalent of Verizon (minus Verizon’s superb Continue reading Early Termination of Swisscom