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We love it when our readers contact us with questions, comments, and ideas, so by all means – type away!

If you’re in PR, please note that we receive a lot of requests to sell products or advertise for companies or brands. We are always open to sponsored travel and working with affiliates, brands, and tourism companies, provided that we genuinely use and love those products and services.

We will never recommend that our readers buy something we ourselves don’t personally love. Generic requests that aren’t in line with who we are as adventure travelers will be deleted.

In other words, please don’t contact us with a pitch to sell your luxury leopard skin pants, diet pills, or time shares. We don’t have or use those things, so we’re not going to recommend them to our readers.

For all genuine requests and messages, drop us a line here. Sometimes we’re traveling or don’t have WiFi, so be patient. We’ll respond as soon as we can!

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Happy travels!

Carrie & Travis @ Two Small Potatoes