Miko the Shiba Inu, puppy sitting in Switzerland

Puppy Sitting The World’s Most Adorable Shiba Inu

For the past month, I’ve been puppy sitting the cutest little doggone furry friend. Today definitely seems like a good day to celebrate puppies!

Recently, our friends Oriane and Paulo welcomed a new puppy into their family. Her name is Miko. She’s a black and tan Shiba Inu puppy, and she’s definitely one of the cutest puppies ever.

She arrived as a really smart little fuzzy bundle of energy very much in need of some basic puppy training and a lot of time and patience. Since our friends both work long hours, one of them in the same lab as Travis, they didn’t want to leave her home alone all day.

They happen to live in a different village, but the train they take into Fribourg goes right by the train platform in Rose, a small hamlet just a few kilometers from our house in Onnens.

Every weekday, I drive to Rose in time to meet Miko’s mom on the train platform. Though the times vary, she always rides in the same train car so I know to stand in the same place on the platform. When the doors open, we pass Miko to the other like a hot potato before the train takes off again a few seconds later.

In the evening after work, the train arrives from the opposite direction and we repeat the process with me passing Miko back to her. It’s a pretty snazzy little puppy sitting set up.

Want to meet Miko?

She’s pretty much the most adorable puppy you’ll ever see, so prepare yourself!

Picking up our friends' Shiba Inu puppy at the train station, Rose, Switzerland


My name is Miko.

I like short rides in the car and sloppy puppy kisses.

Our day starts out with a short train ride from the station to our house, where she romps in the yard for all of a minute.

Then she passes out wherever I am for her first lazy puppy nap of the day.

Shiba Inu puppy napping while pet sitting
Nap #1: Do Not Disturb

After her nap, she inhales her lunch, then tries to convince me I forgot to feed her.

It doesn’t work.


Miko the Shiba Inu, puppy sitting in Switzerland
Pleeeeeeease feed me. I’m staaaaaaarving.

Even though Miko has learned that Tica the Cat is too dignified to play with her and Brisco the Cat never learned to play nicely, Miko hasn’t given up on them

One day, Brisco will come around and play chase like a normal dog.  

Brisco the cat isn't a fan of puppy sitting Miko the Shiba Inu

Brisco, if you play with me you can have some of my kibble.

I’ll just tell the lady she forgot to feed me again.

It doesn’t really matter that Brisco won’t play though.

A stick is a decent stand-in and is much less…


Training Mika, our friends' Shiba Inu puppy in Switzerland
Nom, nom, nom. Brisco doesn’t know what he’s missing.

This puppy sitting thing is harder than it looks. It’s hard being a puppy.

It’s so confusing that the tasty blue squeaky thingy is a “yes” but the tasty white cord thingy is a “NO!”

Puppy chewed up my cell phone charger
The lady put the chewy white cord thingy in the “no” group by mistake. She keeps forgetting to feed me, so she can’t be all that bright.

After a nice, long walk in the woods, it’s time for nap #2.

Miko the Shiba Inu puppy napping while dog sitting in Switzerland
Nap #2: Do Not Disturb

I don’t know why people with people complain. This parenting business is easy peazy.

In fact, I just might have found my next career – as a pet sitter and professional dog walker. It’s definitely a good cure for expat loneliness.

Eventually Miko’s mom and dad will start charging me for dog sitting her. It is pet therapy, after all.

But in the meantime, the puppy kisses are free!

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