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Today seems like a good day to celebrate puppies.

For the past month, I’ve been hanging out on weekdays with the cutest little doggone furry friend. Miko, a Shiba Inu puppy, belongs to O & P, some friends who work long hours and don’t want her to be home alone all day while she’s just a puppy.

Since they live in a different village but work in Fribourg, I meet Miko’s mom each day at the train platform a few km from here.  Though the times vary, she always rides in the same train car so I know to stand in the same place on the platform.  When the doors open, we pass Miko to the other like a hot potato before the train takes off again.  It’s a pretty snazzy little set up.

She’s ridiculously adorable, so prepare yourself…..

“Hi. My name is Miko. I like short rides in the car and sloppy puppy kisses.”

Our day starts out with a short train ride from the station to our house, where she romps in the yard for all of a minute.  Then she passes out in whichever room I am for her first nap of the day.

Shiba Inu puppy asleep in Switzerland
Nap #1 – Do Not Disturb

After her nap, she inhales her lunch, then tries to convince me I forgot to feed her.

It doesn’t work.


“Pleeeeeeease feed me.  I’m staaaaaaarving.”

Even though Miko has learned that Tica the Cat is too dignified to play with her and Brisco the Cat never learned to play nicely, Miko hasn’t given up on them.  One day, Brisco will come around and play chase like a normal dog.  

I think he can, I think he can.

Miko the Shiba Inu puppy squares off with Brisco the Cat
“Brisco, if you play with me you can have some of my kibble. I’ll just tell the lady she forgot to feed me again.”

It doesn’t really matter that Brisco won’t play though.  A stick is a decent stand-in and is much less – sharp.

“Nom, nom, nom.  Brisco doesn’t know what he’s missing.”

Sometimes it’s hard being a puppy.  It’s so confusing that the tasty blue squeaky thingy is a “yes” but the tasty white cord thingy is a “no.”

“The lady put the chewy white cord thingy in the “no” group by mistake, I know it. After all, she keeps forgetting to feed me, so she can’t be all that bright.”

After a nice, long walk in the woods, it’s time for nap #2.

I don’t know why people with kids complain – this parenting business is easy peazy.

Shiba Inu puppy taking a nap
Nap #2 – Do Not Disturb

Eventually Miko the Shiba Inu’s mom and dad will start charging me for the puppy therapy, but in the meantime, the doggy kisses are free.

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