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Zoo Berlin, A Fantastic Attraction for Animal Fanatics

Zoos are something that always make me feel conflicted. While I hate seeing wild animals in captivity, especially if they seem agitated, I love animals. LOVE them! It’s unusual for us to even visit more than one zoo in a year, but during our recent trip to Berlin, we spent our last day in the city exploring the aquarium and one of the city’s two Continue reading Zoo Berlin, A Fantastic Attraction for Animal Fanatics

8 Highlights of the Cologne Zoo

Love ’em or hate ’em, zoos are an excellent way to get your wildlife fix if you’re an animal lover.  Like many people, I’m a bit on the fence about zoos.  Of the estimated 10,000 zoos worldwide, I’d like to think that the vast majority operate by prioritizing animal conservation and education.  Clearly not all do.  We were so Continue reading 8 Highlights of the Cologne Zoo

Basel’s Penguin Parade

On Friday, Travis attended an all-day science seminar in Basel for work.  About 135 km (80+ miles) away, it’s about as far north as you can get and still be in Switzerland.  If you miss your exit, another 2 kilometers puts you in France.  Basel, a town of just under 200,000 actually has sprawling suburbs in neighboring countries, France and Continue reading Basel’s Penguin Parade