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Halloween Burg Frankenstein, A Truly *Monster*ous German Festival

Everyone’s heard of Frankenstein, right?  Even those who haven’t read Mary Shelley’s book are familiar with the basic storyline of Victor Frankenstein – an eccentric scientist who creates a lumbering, malformed humanoid patched together with recycled body parts.  At the sight of the abomination he’s created, Frankenstein casts it Continue reading Halloween Burg Frankenstein, A Truly *Monster*ous German Festival

Ludwigsburg, Home of the World’s Largest Pumpkin Festival

In the US, our infatuation with pumpkins at Halloween borders on the religious.  Long gone are the days when carving pumpkins was just for kids!  For us, October typically involves a carriage ride to the nearest farmer’s pumpkin patch, picking the perfect pumpkin for carving, and hosting a rockin’ party to turn our newly acquired Continue reading Ludwigsburg, Home of the World’s Largest Pumpkin Festival

Burg Eltz, Germany’s Most Enchanting Fairy-Tale Castle

Ok, we get it.  Some of you loyal readers are perhaps getting a bit tired of seeing our posts about one German castle after another. But we ask you to bear with us for one more castle – just one more! Perhaps you’re planning your first trip to Germany and are trying to prioritize what sites to see.  Or maybe you’ve been before and love Continue reading Burg Eltz, Germany’s Most Enchanting Fairy-Tale Castle

Königstein Fortress: Come For the Views, Stay for the Concert

The hilltop ramparts of Königstein Fortress are so large and impregnable, it’s said that no enemy has ever dared attack.  Founded during the 13th century in what was then the Kingdom of Bohemia, the site sprawls across a 240-meter tall plateau.  A man-made wall built on the existing sandstone cliffs stretches for nearly two Continue reading Königstein Fortress: Come For the Views, Stay for the Concert

Löwenburg Castle, Rising from the Mist

Germany has over 20,000 castles. If that seems a bit crazy to you, you’re not alone!  While we won’t be able to visit all of them, we definitely have a list of ones we’d like to see while in Germany.  For some time, one of them has been Löwenburg Castle, or Lion’s Castle – sometimes also referred to as Schloss Wilhelmshöhe.  Perched Continue reading Löwenburg Castle, Rising from the Mist

Queen for a Day at Wartburg Castle

The only fault one could possibly find with German castles is that there are just so many of them.  It’s difficult to decide which ones to visit and which ones to skip.  While last year we celebrated my birthday in Lucerne followed by a visit to The Devil’s Bridge in Switzerland, this year I wanted to celebrate like a queen.  And what Continue reading Queen for a Day at Wartburg Castle

Easter Spanking at Prague Castle

Did somebody say blue skies on Easter?!  Like someone had flipped a light switch, we awoke Sunday morning in our tent in Prague to a very different world from the morning before.  Absent was the pitter-patter of rain on our tent fly and gloomy light that barely filtered through the canvas.  Instead, a circus of birds chirped Continue reading Easter Spanking at Prague Castle

An Oru Maiden Voyage

The second largest reservoir in Switzerland, Lake Gruyère, stretches for 13.5 km from just south of Fribourg nearly to the town of Broc, home of the country’s famous Nestlé chocolate factory.  An artificial lake, it was created with the construction of the nearby Rossens Dam in 1948 along the Sarine, the same river that snakes past Continue reading An Oru Maiden Voyage

Tower of London

They bear down upon Westminster, the ghost-consecrated Abbey, and the history-crammed Hall, through the arches of the bridge with a rush as the tide swelters round them; the city is buried in a dusky gloom save where the lights begin to gleam and trail with lurid reflections past black velvety- looking hulls – a dusky city of golden gleams. St. Paul’s looms up like an immense bowl reversed, squat, un-English, and undignified in spite of its great size; they dart within the sombre shadows of the Bridge of Sighs, and pass the Tower of London, with the rising moon making the sky behind it luminous, and the crowd of shipping in front appear like a dense forest of withered pines, and then mooring their boat at the steps beyond, with a shuddering farewell look at the eel-like shadows and the glittering lights of that writhing river, with its burthen seen and invisible, they plunge into the purlieus of Wapping.

Gaslit Nightmares: Stories by Robert W. Chambers, Charles Dickens, Richard Marsh, and Others

Continue reading Tower of London