Goodbye, Guesthouse Waldhauser.  Hello, guesthouse number five!

After twice extending our stay at the Waldhauser downtown, we really finally had to check out on December 8th, presumably because other guests had already booked it before our arrival.  So for the third time in just over a month, we again found ourselves with nowhere to go after checking out of our flat.  By the time we’d actually packed up our things and loaded the car, we’d still been unable to reach the guesthouse owner to discuss payment and how to return the keys.  Not sure what else to do, Travis called the tourism office that had referred us.  They contacted the owner’s English-speaking son, and through him, we were able to officially check out.

Aware of our situation and that we were particularly struggling to find permanent or temporary housing because of the pets, the owner’s son offered us another flat that wasn’t technically available since it was “off-season” and wasn’t really ready for guests, but he offered to show it to us if we were interested.  We were!  We followed him across town to the flat, took a quick look around, and accepted his offer.

Our 5th guesthouse in Gottingen, Germany

Even though the new flat is twice the size and quite a bit nicer than our last flat, he gave us a good deal on it and said we’re welcome to stay as long as we want.  Despite the discount, we can’t afford to stay indefinitely, but it’s a relief to know we don’t have a hard deadline when we’ll again have to leave.

We can actually have sit-down meals in the nice dining room.

The place is comfy and just plain huge.  It has four beds!  Anyone want to come hang out with us?  Slumber party!

The flat has enough beds and couches to easily sleep 5 or 6 people.

For now, we’re relieved that once again something came through for us last minute while we continue our hunt for a permanent home.  We’re starting to feel like it would truly be a miracle to have our own flat before Christmas!

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  1. Chrisitne Carney

    The Lord makes sure you have what you need….not necessarily what you want, but always what you need!


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