Another Day, Another Airbnb

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Since we checked out of our little Airbnb “sleep barrel” in Körle on November 4th, we’ve been enjoying our digs at another Airbnb rental, this time an entire fully furnished flat in Bühren, Germany.

Somehow we again ended up on a horse farm, perhaps because horse farm owners tend to be more accepting of travelers with pets than other Airbnb hosts. Or perhaps because it’s just such a common thing in this part of Germany for folks to have horses.

Either way, I love it.

Plus, not only is it closer to Göttingen and easier for Trav to commute to work while we’re still apartment hunting, but it’s incredibly roomy and has absolutely every convenience, including WiFi transmitted for the entire village from the local church.

Airbnb on a horse farm in Germany
Our Airbnb in Buehren is huge.
Our new Airbnb has a comfy living room that makes us just want to hang out and veg. Apartment hunting? Psh. No thanks.
Plus it has a full-sized kitchen stocked with every imaginable pan, spice, and cooking utensil.
The master bedroom is roomy, and it has a second, equally large bedroom with bunk beds and a wood stove.

The bathroom is almost as big as our last flat.  We’ve settled in, unpacking and slowly spreading our things throughout the home.  It’s a mark of how comfortable we are here.

Our plants love the over-sized old-fashioned windows and bright sunshine.

Both Touille and Tica love the house.  They’re content to sleep away the days while Travis and I work our way down a long list of administrative tasks to complete before our lives can return to any sense of normalcy.

Tica approves of our Airbnb in Bühren, Germany.

The village of Bühren is quiet and peaceful.  In the mornings, we wake to the sound of chickens clucking below our second floor window, to Poesje (Dutch for “kitty”) meowing for someone to come outside and say hello, and to the charming lilt of horses whinnying and children giggling as they saddle up for a ride in the countryside.

Horses are being prepped for a day of riding at our Airbnb in Bühren.
The view from our upstairs window looks out on the classic red-roofed houses in Buehren.

Now that we have WiFi at the house, Travis heads off to work in the morning without me while I mostly focus on apartment hunting and calling potential landlords from our cozy flat.

When it’s not raining, Touille and I take long walks through the woods and fields surrounding the village.  Piles of crisp orange and yellow leaves on the ground are a constant reminder that Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

As comfy and perfect as our current Airbnb is, we can only stay until November 19th because the host has other guests booked, so we’re really hoping to find a place to live by then.  If not, we’ll likely be staying at a third Airbnb.  If we do, who’s betting it’ll have horses?!

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