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Two of the Best Christmas Markets in Berlin

Who doesn’t love German Christmas markets?  Towards the end of November, they start popping up in towns across the country.  It seems no village is too small to host their own festive extravaganza.  In any given year, Berlin alone offers between 50 and 100 Christmas markets, though only a handful of them are sizable.  Each market Continue reading Two of the Best Christmas Markets in Berlin

Marché Bastille, From Revolution to Farmer’s Market

On the morning of July 14th, 1789, a crowd of angry townsfolk stormed the Bastille, a fortress that had stood near the Seine River in Paris since the 14th century.  France was in the midst of an economic crisis; commoners, disillusioned with the monarchy, laid siege to the fortress in rebellion, an event that would ignite the Continue reading Marché Bastille, From Revolution to Farmer’s Market

Sacred Snails of Sacre-Coeur

One thing that struck me about Paris is that, like many of the larger cities in Europe,  it’s flat – really flat.  With few exceptions, most of the buildings reach a fairly uniform height, and from a distance, perspective is lost as they merge into a blanket of concrete and steel.  It’s possible to climb all the tallest buildings in the city – Notre Continue reading Sacred Snails of Sacre-Coeur

Misadventures in German Underwear Shopping

Does anyone else hate shopping for clothes?  It can’t just be me…

To be fair, it isn’t Germany’s fault.  This all started a long time ago in a country thousands of miles away.  I realized today while digging around in old photo albums to send one to a friend on her birthday just how much Continue reading Misadventures in German Underwear Shopping

Our 2-Week eBay Shopping Spree

Well folks, it’s impossible not to laugh a bit in irony when we look back at our household purchases for the last couple of years.  Nineteen months ago, we sold almost everything we owned in the United States to move to Switzerland.  We found a gorgeous three-bedroom flat almost the same size as our house in Oregon, then Continue reading Our 2-Week eBay Shopping Spree

Taking The Oru Plunge

1 year, 3 months, and 21 days ago, I watched with a heavy heart as my beautiful blue Dagger Blackwater kayak went home with a new owner.  Completely taken aback by how emotional I was to part with it, I wondered when during our nine years of adventures together  it surpassed being a passing fancy – an immutable love of kayaking had Continue reading Taking The Oru Plunge

Andorra, Unbeatable Duty-Free Shopping

Have you ever been traveling and pulled into a hotel or campground late at night with no idea what you would wake up to find in the light of day?  It’s always such a fun and exciting moment when you roll out in the morning and find that the flat, dark vastness next to the road the night before is actually a lake, or that you’re on top of a Continue reading Andorra, Unbeatable Duty-Free Shopping

Fribourg’s Vom Fass

What is Vom Fass, you ask?  It’s only the coolest place to shop for unique and fun spirits, wine, and liqueurs in Switzerland!  During an evening in Fribourg with friends, we headed for a tasty little ice cream shop on the Rue de Lausanne, one of the most touristy walking-only shopping streets in town.  On the way, we popped into Continue reading Fribourg’s Vom Fass

Furnishing a Home in Switzerland on a Budget

Moving to Switzerland has driven home how easy our previous moves have been.  We could speak the language.  We could drive anywhere we needed for anything at just about any hour of the day or night.  We could easily and cheaply rent a moving truck.  We could use our 4Runner for hauling even large furniture.   And we always Continue reading Furnishing a Home in Switzerland on a Budget