From the canals of Germany’s Spreewald Biosphere Reserve to the largest lake in Switzerland

Oru kayaking on Lake Gruyere, Switzerland

An Oru Maiden Voyage

Lake Gruyere is the second largest reservoir in Switzerland.  It stretches for 13.5 km from just south of the small university town of Fribourg nearly to the town of Broc, home of the country's famous Nestlé chocolate factory.  An artificial lake, it was creat...
Our new Oru kayaks in Switzerland

Taking The Oru Plunge

One year, three months, and 21 days ago, I watched with a heavy heart as my beautiful blue Dagger Blackwater kayak went home with a new owner. Completely taken aback by how emotional I was to part with it, I wondered when during our nine years of adventures to...
Paddling an Oru kayak in Switzerland

Oru, The Origami Kayak

In 2012, something miraculous was born in the dynamically artistic city of San Francisco, California. It was a company called Oru Kayak. Their ingenious creation? A 12 foot origami kayak. The idea was born of one man's desire to have a lightweight, easy to tra...