From Romania’s haunted Hoia Baciu Forest to the shadow of the Matterhorn

5-Seenweg (Five Lakes) Hike

The Alps surrounding the town of Zermatt, Switzerland offer lots of great options for hiking.  One of the most popular is the 5-Seenweg, or Five Lakes Trail.  Part of its popularity lies in the fact that it isn't terribly difficult, a cable car in Zermatt offe...
Views from the Castillo de Monjardin in Spain

Camping at Castillo de Monjardín

Se dice que lo construyeron los romanos, lo hicieron fuerte los moros, y con la ayuda divina lo conquistaron los navarros. It is said that the Romans built it, the Moors made it strong, and with God's help, the Navarros conquered it. ~Carmelo San Martí...